Board Statements


The Board are conscious of speculation as to what is happening with the ticket office.

We can confirm that there is no immediate concern in respect of the finances and that the trust maintains a healthy bank balance.

The Board are working hard to keep the facility running whilst making sure that this is done in a safe, legal and constitutional basis. The process is taking considerably longer than first anticipated, but please do bear with us whilst we complete the tasks we were elected to do. The board are committed to doing their best to ensuring that this valuable asset can be retained for the community.

We are in the process of submitting year end audited accounts for 2021/2022 to OSCR (the charity regulator) together with the necessary year end paperwork.

We will update as and when we can and report as soon as possible.

Thank you.



Statement by The Board of Trustees North Kessock Ticket Office Project (SC045168)

Friday 19 May 2023

The Board of Trustees are working hard to ensure that the project continues, in accordance with the constitution as well as safely, securely & legally. The transition is more complex than first envisaged, however, we will continue to work towards these goals and will keep the membership advised as and when we consider it appropriate. Please bear with us through the process and be assured that although many of us work full time, we will do our utmost to move the Ticket Office forward and preserve the Community Asset. Please do also remember that had we not stepped in, the charity would be in the process of being wound up.

On the particular concerns raised today on social media, the steps were considered a safety risk which was not insurable. The only access to these steps was via an area under the jurisdiction of The Board of Trustees and we considered the risk & liability too great.

The Board will not respond to social media comments, but enquiries can be emailed to info@knockbain.org

Thank You.




North Kessock Ticket Office Project

Scottish Charity No. SC045168

You may be aware that a new 'Board of Trustees' was put in place at the AGM on 17 March 2023, following the intervention of Highland Third Sector Interface.

The purpose of the current board is to examine the assets, liabilities & commitments of NKTOP and to write a report for the members so that there is absolute clarity as to the current position of NKTOP, thus allowing a new board to move forward with knowledge and in an open & honest manner with the membership and the wider community.

The bookings will, wherever possible operate as before and we hope that the transition will be as smooth as possible. Members will be kept up to date by email as and when appropriate.

Thank You.

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